Presenting letput.

letput is the other half of the dynamic duo Tanda, and yes, he also likes to do his own thing. He's also working hard to put food on his family. This section will feature his works.

"What Have I Dun?" is the name of his first solo offering. letput turns up the delay to eleven as he dubs his shiznit out to the extreme. Recommended.

"Crass Situation" features letput getting funky with his 307. The world is his oyster.

Things That Make Sounds.

Take a peek into letput's studio for a glimpse into the machines that enable his unique musical expressions.

mc 307
sp 808
tr 626
sk 1
korg micro synth/vocorder
multiple fx pedals
mackie 1202
phillips cdr
numark turntables and mixer
kind buds

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