Stop. Look. Listen.

Tanda is a music movement. So here's the goods. Enjoy demos, works-in-progress, live renditions, and solo works.

All files are in the ubiquitous mp3 format. Game on!


Update 6/25/03. This week brings the latest recording of the explosive "Gone Fishin' " . What are you people, on dope?

The evolution of tanda continues. Enjoy the ambient techno of "Wax On Wax Off".

"Food On Your Family" is the unofficial Tanda theme song. You know you're working hard...

Next up is "Scary Jerry". And yes, it is scary. But don't be afraid, Tanda will hold your hand.

With "El Machismo" we take it down a notch to get you in the mood. For what? That's up to you.

Since its debut last November, "Its Sew" has become a Tanda fan favorite. Get lost in the fun of its crunchy beats and swirling organs.

Tanda is proud to present its absurd masterpiece entitled "Family".

Solo Works by Turbopants

Turbopants is one half of the dynamic duo Tanda and sometimes he likes to do his own thing. This section will feature his works.

"July Four" is the name of his first offering. A pretty little ditty, it was written and recorded on the day of its name with the help of a Roland MC-202, TR-606, and an analog sound module. Short and sweet.

"Faylence" takes that same gear and gives forth a more spatial and reflective song. One of turbo's favorites, he hopes you enjoy.

Solo Works by letput

letput is the other half of the dynamic duo Tanda, and yes, he also likes to do his own thing. This section will feature his works.

"What Have I Dun?" is the name of his first solo offering. letput turns up the delay to eleven as he dubs his shiznit out to the extreme. Recommended.

"Crass Situation" features letput getting funky with his 307. The world is his oyster.

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