The Tanda experience.

Tanda may be enjoyable on the Hi-Fi, but in person, they are sight upon themselves.

Here's the liveography, the complete performed works. Count the chances you've had, and missed. For those lucky enough to experience Tanda in the flesh, we thank you.

11/06/2002 - Phyllis' Musical Inn

11/30/2002 - Minx

04/26/2003 - Tom Z's Extravaganza

07/11/2003 - Mainframe @ Triple D's with Mystechs, K-RAKOS, Dj Monster-0. Flyer.

07/19/2003 - Bar Vertigo. Flyer.

09/12/2003 - Mainframe @ Triple D's with Triple Process and Comasoft.

10/15/2003 - Phyllis' Musical Inn. BBQ with Far Rad, Pillowtalk, and DJ Mike Broers.

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