Who the hell is Turbopants?

Turbopants is one half of the dynamic duo Tanda and sometimes he likes to do his own thing. This section will feature his works.

Update 6/18/03. Turbo delivers where others don't with "Open The Box".

"July Four" is the name of his first offering. A pretty little ditty, it was written and recorded on the day of its name. Short and sweet.

"Faylence" gives forth a more spatial and reflective song. One of Turbo's favorites, he hopes you enjoy.

Things That Go Bump.

Take a peek into Turbo's studio for a glimpse into the machines that enable his unique musical expressions.

mc 202
mc 303
tr 606
sk 8
arp odyssey - no keys
cz 101
c 64
gameboy with nanoloop
atari 2600
alesis mmt-8
lexicon lxp-1
boss distortion
shure sm57
mackie 1202
philips cdr

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