Feasts for the eyes!

Enjoy TANDA and Associates in motion. Real-life style. All movies are in the Quicktime .mov format. Don't have Quicktime? Get it. It's worth the download.

With that all settled, enjoy the show!

Stop The Motion!

Update 6/6/2003 - We've been added to the Customer Work section of iStopMotion! Thanks! Welcome animators and the curious.

Check out Turbo's first venture into the amazing world of stop motion animation with "Magical Matter". It was created with the help of Boinx's wonderful application iStopMotion , many of Mr. Pringle's chips, and a messy desk that needed cleaning.

Being my first animation, I followed its logical course. The film consists of over 1200 individual shots, with the broken chip stampede taking over two hours to fully animate. In making what seemed like hundreds of little movements for every frame in that shot, I fully realized the dedication animators of every type have for this art.


Update 9/14/03. Check out our newest song from our latest performance: "Alright".

TANDA in full effect. A live performance of "Its Sew" shot last April 26th at Tom Z's Bash.

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